Although this poem is nothing to be proud of in the literary world, I wrote it during a low point to remind myself that, it may be difficult to stay strong for myself, but I keep fighting the battle that is mental health because I want to be strong for the people I love, and that’s what keeps me going.  So, the message it conveys is an important one to me, and hopefully will find some meaning for you too.

I don’t want to die,

Don’t confuse me with suicide,

I’m the negative thoughts that invade your head,

Push you towards a bearable end,

But inevitably I want to pull you back,

Because where’s the fun in allowing escape,

When I can have you until the bitter end.

For depression isn’t something you can escape,

You can’t run from the brain inside your head,

I’ll always be here to bring you down,

To remind you why you’ll never fit in a crowd,

See society is my best friend,

The evil henchman forcing you to bend.

Together we will rule the world,

A plague striking at boys and girls,

Convincing you you’re not enough –

Oh – giving up so soon?

Well, what a shame,

It was fun being the demon inside your brain.

Never mind, suicide is still divine,

Means I can go after the ones you left behind.

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